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عن إيديال استاندارد


Ideal Standard International is a privately held company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, operating independently in Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as in Latin America. With bathroom solutions as its core business, the company provides bathroom furniture, fixtures, and shower enclosures for residential, commercial, and institutional buildings. Its products are sold under its strong global brands Ideal Standard, Jado and American Standard (Latin America), as well as leading local brands including Incesa Standard (Latin America), Armitage Shanks (UK), Ceramica Dolomite (Italy) and Porcher ( France), (Incesa) and Vidima (Eastern Europe).

Ideal Standard customer service guarantee

All Ideal Standard products have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, and to communicate with customer service, you can call 19696

Enjoy your bath after a long and stressful day

Ultra flat foot bath 120 x 80 x 4.7 cm

2,188.10 ج.م
3,900.00 ج.م

Jacuzzi stream bathtub 125 x 125 cm

51,729.26 ج.م
92,200.00 ج.م

Plan bathtub size 170 x 110 cm

3,871.27 ج.م
6,900.00 ج.م

Tunic bathtub size 180 x 120 cm

7,405.92 ج.م
13,200.00 ج.م

Ceraflex Basin Mixer B 1713 A

1,623.99 ج.م
2,900.00 ج.م

Bathtub Mixer Ideal Stream B1487AA

1,595.99 ج.م
2,850.00 ج.م

Ceraflex B1716AA Basin Mixer

2,519.99 ج.م
4,500.00 ج.م

Slimline B8599AA Wall Kitchen Mixer

1,679.99 ج.م
3,000.00 ج.م

Ideal Standard toilets

Sofia toilet with bidet with shower

2,944.14 ج.م
5,300.00 ج.م

Plan flush toilet with shower

3,666.29 ج.م
6,600.00 ج.م

Playa flush toilet with shower

4,416.72 ج.م
7,950.00 ج.م

Aqua L1 ruler, code D 6045, 1 headphone, 10 cm diameter system, 1.75 meter flexible hose, and 60 cm pole

1,472.58 ج.م
2,650.00 ج.م

Various shower systems

to watch all shower systems

Ruler Aqua M3, code D 6051, 3 speaker system, diameter 8 cm, flexible hose 1.5 meters, pole 60 cm