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A Company You Can Depend On

About Sunny Pure

Sani Pure is an Egyptian company in the field of sanitary ware, established in 2019 with a group of sanitary ware makers in Egypt. With years of experience, Sunny Pure has won the attention of designers and customers with our unique designs and reliable products. Our factories manufacture a variety of products such as basins, bathtubs, mixers, furniture, toilets and accessories. Sunny Pure is also the representative of Gebreet and Hansgrohe in Egypt.

Sanipure guarantee

The Sany Pure warranty includes free visit, installation and maintenance on all original Sany Pure spare parts.
Sany Pure warranty on all spare parts such as:
Valves - combination machine - bidets - jets
The guarantee depends on the technical inspection of Sany Pure.
The Sani Pure guarantee does not include breakages, defects of use, or failure to follow instructions.
Warranty and operation of the Jacuzzi bathtub by Sany Pure, with a two-year warranty on the chassis and a 5-year warranty on the motor from the time of operation by the company’s technician only.
Instructions and steps for installing and operating the Jacuzzi:
Bathtub installation.
- Free electrical connection without welding, with a wire 2 meters long and 4 mm thick, with two ends.
- With the possibility of installing a special Pachino switch far from a water source or connecting it to a special electrical panel.
- In the event that one of the jets is paid from the sediment, inspection, cleaning, filtering and maintenance will be done free of charge.
For more details and inquiries, you can contact Sunny Pure customer service on the hotline 15684.

Solid service basins, one piece, in multiple and modern colors

Congo floor basin, size 90 x 60 x 40 cm, with overflow

10,152.99 ج.م
14,300.00 ج.م

Onda floor basin, size 90 x 48 x 50 cm, with overflow

9,371.99 ج.م
13,200.00 ج.م

New technology toilets

Titan toilet attached to the shower

4,472.99 ج.م
6,300.00 ج.م

Titan toilet with shower

3,360.00 ج.م
4,800.00 ج.م

Kepler toilet attached to the shower

5,360.99 ج.م
7,550.00 ج.م

Kepler flush mounted toilet

3,940.50 ج.م
5,550.00 ج.م

Rosetta toilet with shower

2,534.99 ج.م
3,570.00 ج.م

A distinguished group of bathtubs

Different colors and shapes, satisfying all tastes

Footbaths of multiple colors and various shapes

Picasso foot bath 90 x 80 cm

Product Price
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Joya foot bath size 160 x 80 cm

Product Price
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Dali foot bath size 160 x 90 cm

Product Price
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